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Monday, April 5, 2010

The fattest child in the world!!!

Don’t panic! This is the photo of a seven year old child named Jessica Gaude! She is the fattest child in the world with 222 kilograms.

Challenge what she eats in one day some children cann’t eat in half a year! She eats 10,000 calories each day in Coca-Colas, 15 hamburgers with fries and several kilograms of chocolate.  Her breakfast consists of white bread, potato chips and two litres of coke. But ‘dil mange more!’

When she last visited the doctor four years ago she had 110 kilograms. Unfortunately, she can no longer run and instead of walking she drags herself on the floor. Under such bodily weight her bones have already become distorted.

Mother Carolyn gives her daughter whatever the child wants. In the first week after she was born, when the baby cried because of stomach pains, the mother calmed her by feeding her with a bottle because she thought the child was hungry!
I am thinking about what will happen to this child in future! God save her!

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