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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Wait Ended. Sachin hit 100th 100

Sachin during the match against Bangladesh
The wait ended!!! Sachin Tendulkar Scored his hundredth international century. He achieved this in the One dayer against Bangladesh in the Asia Cup chapmionship held at Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium Mirpur, Bangladesh.
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This is Sachin’s 49th century in One Day Cricket. He has scored 51 centuries in Test Cricket as well.
A year has past when Sachin scored the last century.  At last the Master blaster ended the fans wait for his 100th 100. Great Sachin, great...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Virat Kohli, the New Star of World Cricket

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Virat Kohli, the ‘furious young man’ of Indian cricket has been showing his mettle to be become the real best. Hitherto he has been considred the future star of Indian cricket, but now he has come forward with a blast to claim the throne of today’s promise.
Examine the statistics at the Australian tour of India. Virat is at the top in batting average. Besides this he was on the forefornt of one or two who strechted their chest and faced the fiercing challenge of the firy pace of the Aussies.

He has been continuing his form in the Asia Cup also. When scored a hundred against Sri Lanka, Virat became the fastest-ever to score ten hundreds! He needed only 83 One dayers to reach this. Remember even the great Tendulkar took 134 games to complete ten hundreds, Vivian Richards took 133 matches, Brian Lara took 109, and Ricky Ponting took 150 matches to get 10 tons. He is already the fastest Indian, and fourth fastest batsman to score 3,000 runs, in just 75 ODIs. He also became the only Indian to score back-to-back hundreds on two occasions. In 2010-11, he scored successive centuries against Australia and New Zealand, at Visakhapatanam & Guwahati respectively.
Virat now averages a century in every 8.3 ODIs which is the fastest by any batsman in the world! In One Days he has attained an average of 48.82 as well.

It is undoutedly a positive gusture to the Indian cricket. Dravid has retired, Sachin is declining in form, Yuvraj is out with illness...all unpleasant happenings. Team India need some iconic players to catch up...and here is Kohli, the real antibiotic for all disturbing developments.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tata Megapixel, Car with 900 km Mileage!!!

Tata Motors comes again to shock the world!
This Indian automotive company which is the makers of the world’s cheapest car, ‘Nano’, recently unveiled another masterpiece, named ‘Megapixel’ at the Geneva Motor Show.

Megapixel, according to the makers, is a RE-EV, ie, Range Extended Electric Vehicle. This indicates that this one is an electric car. The most important news is that the Tata Megapixel, the hybrid electric vehicle, is capable of covering whooping 900 kilometers on single fuel tank! This also reduces carbon emissions to just 22 grams/km

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The Megapixel uses lithium-iron phosphate batteries that can be charged through an induction plate fitted to any parking space or garage. So, rather than plugging into a wall outlet, the car can be parked over the top of the charging station and charging begins automatically. The car's, which has four motors, maximum speed is 68.4mph and its total range is 900 km (559 miles). Megapixel has four sliding doors as well. The front doors slide forward and the rear doors slide back, giving completely pillar-less access to the interior.

It has a stunning turning radius of just 2.8 meters (9.2 ft)! An ideal city car for global urban environments.
The Megapixel was developed by Tata's design centres in India, the UK and Italy. Now the Indians have something to boast off. Tata, who is based in India, is the world's largest automakers. But just think the fact that India's vehicle ownership ratios are currently the same as America's were in 1912!!!
And...finally...don’t get too much excited, this car may never hit the roads and may remain a ‘concept’ at least for the next few years?!