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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jnanpith to ONV

Malayalam’s own writer and poet par excellence ONV Kurup has been chosen for the 2007 Jnanapith award for his contribution to literature. It is true to his spirit who sang ‘being a human being was much greater than being anything else, even a poet’.
ONV with Better half
The country’s highest literary honour was announced on 24 September 2010 after a meeting of the Jnanpith Selection Board chaired by Oriya writer and Jnanpith award winner Sitakant Mahapatra. According to a statement by the Bharatiya Jnanpith, the Trust which presents the award, Kurup began his career as a progressive writer and matured into a humanist though he never gave up his commitment to socialist ideology.
ONV is the second Malayali to get the prestigious award for poetry after G. Sankara Kurup(1965). The other Jnanpith award winners from Kerala are S.K. Pottekad (1980), Thakazhi Siva Sankara Pillai (1984) and M.T. Vasudevan Nair (1995).
Born May 27, 1931 at Chavara, Kollam in Kerala, he graduated in economics from S.N. College, Kollam and completed his post-graduate degree in Malayalam literature. His first published poem was 'Munnottu', which appeared in a local weekly in 1946 and since then, he has not looked back.
During his seven-decade-long career, the winner of the country’s highest literary honour bagged several state and national awards, including the Padmashree in 1998. Kurup, now 79, began his illustrious poetic career during his school days. His first work, Poruthunna Soundaryam, was published in 1949. He became a college lecturer in 1957 and continued as an academician for the next 30 years. He started writing lyrics for films in 1955 and over the years has bagged state awards for the best lyricist 12 times. ONV also won the National Award in 1989 for best lyricist for the film 'Vaishali'.

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Everything About Birds

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

India the third most powerful country in the World!!!

What is the place of India among the world nations, according to you? Sound difficult? Whatever it be, the world is looking at India with admiration. India is listed as the third most powerful country in the world after the US and China and the fourth most powerful bloc after the US, China and the European Union in a new official US report.

The new global power line up for 2010 also predicted that New Delhi's clout in the world will further rise by 2025, according to 'Global Governance 2025' jointly issued by the National Intelligence Council (NIC) of the US and the European Union's Institute for Security Studies (EUISS). Using the insights of a host of experts from Brazil, Russia, India and China, among others, and fictionalised scenarios, the report illustrates what could happen over the next 25 years in terms of global governance.

In 2010, the US tops the list of powerful countries/regions, accounting for nearly 22 percent of the global power. The US is followed by China with European Union at 16 percent and India at eight percent. India is followed by Japan, Russia and Brazil with less than five percent each.

According to this international futures model, by 2025 the power of the US, EU, Japan and Russia will decline while that of China, India and Brazil will increase, even though there will be no change in this listing. By 2025, the US will still be the most powerful country of the world, but it will have a little over 18 percent of the global power. The US will be closely followed by China with 16 percent, European Union with 14 percent and India with 10 per cent.