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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sachin, The cricket Maestro

Sachin Tendulkar has become the first man on this planet to conjure a double hundred in One-Day Internationals! A huge huge thing to cherish by every Indian!!!
The maestro's unbeaten 200 was an epic effort of focus, flair and dare. In the process, he delighted the spectators with bold brush strokes of genius on the canvas; the colours celebrated batsmanship. He still is an explosive athlete; he still has the eye of the tiger even at this age of 36. Wow!
He was light on his feet and heavy with his shots. His batsmanship does have an ethereal quality about it. It is also timeless; the ease with which Tendulkar rolls back the years is remarkable.
The feature of his batting has always been his ability to pick the length in a jiffy. He, thus, is decisive as he ventures into a front-foot drive or punches, cuts or pulls off his back-foot. Tendulkar's batting is underlined by perfect balance, the master batsman continued to innovate. Tendulkar blended power with finesse.
The maestro's innings was splendidly paced. His 50 consumed 37 balls, 100 came in 90, and 150 in 118.
This is history. The one which may probably not going to be challenged by himself so to say. We are really blessed to live in this planet in this period of this maestro playing! And in that too, he is an Indian!!!

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