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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pain is in your gene!!!

Have you heard about a recent discovery? Yes, it is about pain and gene! Scientists have discovered a gene which may help explain why some people are more sensitive to and less able to tolerate pain. This revolutionary discovery is made by the scientists at Cambridge University.
Many of you are sensitive to even minor pain like biting of an ant or stinging of a silly sharp object, aren’t you?. Don’t worry, soon you will be getting such a treatment to make you able to tolerate pain of any kind. Really, expect it soon!
The latest discovery of a particular gene which is responsible for pain is made in a study of 578 people with osteoarthritis. A subsequent analysis of 186 healthy women revealed those with the gene had enhanced pain sensations. 
The findings have been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
The researchers found the protein made by the mutated version of the gene known as SCN9A stays open longer than the normal one. They believe this increases the activation of nerves that produce sensations of dull, aching pain.

Scientists are of opinion that the discovery could greatly increase the ability to conquer and control pain. It shall give vigour to the search for effective pain relieving drugs with less side effects which has long been the goal of doctors and biomedical researchers around the world.
Let us now think of a world deprived of pain! But what about the popular saying ‘no gain without pain’? Is this lead to such a world where there is no gain?! 

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