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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Booker Prize to Howard Jacobson

Howard Jacobson, a British author and a former Wolverhampton Polytechnic teacher has won the prestigious Man Booker Prize for his latest novel. He bagged the prize and its £50,000 award for his comic novel ‘The Finkler Question.’
The 58-year-old said it was his four years in Wolverhampton in the 1980s that inspired him to write his first book, ‘Coming from Behind’, a comedy about a failing polytechnic that tries to merge with a local football team. He once said the town was “dull and boring” but then some years later went on to say: “It seems to have improved quite a bit – probably because everywhere else has got worse.”
‘Coming From Behind’ included a scene about teaching in a football stadium. The University of Wolverhampton still has some classrooms like that. Jacobson had been longlisted for the prize twice previously, but had never before been shortlisted.
He has written 15 novels and he is also a writer and columnist.

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