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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Laptop with two screens!!!

Have you ever seen a laptop with two screens? Don’t worry, such one is ready! Acer has launched the Iconia, a laptop-cum-tablet computer with two touch screens. The new dual-screen laptop has two 14 inch displays, including one in place of a traditional keyboard.
The Iconia, features two touch screens protected by ultra-tough Gorilla Glass. Reports say that the device can be used like a traditional laptop, with the second screen doubling up as a virtual keyboard, or can serve as a tablet-style computer. A tablet computer is a portable computer equipped with a touch screen as a primary input device. Users can spread the desktop across both screens, or use one to watch a video or surf the web, and the other to write an email or edit photos.
The device features palm sensors to detect the position of the user’s hands, and automatically launch the virtual keyboard when needed. The Iconia will come to open market towards next January and will cost around 1 lakh. The device uses Intel Core i5 processors, and a minimum of 4GB RAM and up to 750GB hard drive.

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