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Monday, December 5, 2011

Chariot, Vehicle that can be Worn!!!

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There are lots of innovations have been taking place in the field of transportation. Newer amd newer vehicles with much improved capabilities and facilities are coming forth. Latest technologies urge for making vehicles with high fuel efficiency and compatibility with alternate enrgy sorces. Amidst all there are other news also are coming, some strange thinking...

This is about Chariot, a new wearable transportation device concept that a company named, Exmovere Holdings has presented. This is just like a pants! Actually, the device is specifically intended to help people who have difficulty in standing, with a range of sensors used to let the wearer control the device at speeds up to 12 miles per hour with a minimum amount of physical effort.

I really suspect whether this is a reality or a concept. How is this effective when taken to the roads? Is it possible to ride for pretty long distances? If there is any rain, dust protective  Hope it will become a reality soon.

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