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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yuvraj...Word became Reality?!

Sometimes we may find situations in our life when ‘words become flesh’...! Like is the case of the Indian cricket superstar Yuvraj Singh.

Know Yuvraj

We all know that this most famous showman and the most eligible bachelor is now playing one of his toughest innings...the inning for his health and life! He was diagnosed with cancer in his lung. Is it a mere coincidence that he did an advertisement for an insurance company stating that ‘all was well till the bat was doing well...but when the runs stopped coming, there was no guarantees...’!!! It is a truth that he did this ad much before he was diagnosed with the scary disease.
Then...oh, is the word became flesh? Anyways the ad is being repeated these days and is getting more publicity to the insurance company.

Stop...bad words...omens...let’s talk positively. Yuvraj is a fighter, no doubt. He cannot give up so easily. Let’s rewind...The Natwest series against England. India was going down in a decisive match. But Yuvraj was there to take up the challenge and brought India to an unbelievable victory alongwith Kaif. What about the first World cup 20-20? What about the World Cup 2011? It was Yuvi who exploded with the bat and stormed with the ball in adverse situations to lead India to victory. Yuvi did all these feats when he was not expected to do them, that is important. Those was all times when he had been criticised of bad form, inconsistencies and irresponsibilities. But he did show what he was...and what he could...
We all are once again expecting that from him. The cricket lovers are all pouring their prayers and best wishes on him. Even the gods cannot resist to hear. There are many whose stories are there to inspire him like the current Australian captain Michael Clarke who was diagnosed with skin cancer which he overcame, Dave Callaghan, the South African cricketer who fought cancer, came back to play international cricket and the world famous cyclist Lance Armstrong who went through chemotherapy and rehabilitation and then went on to win the Tour de France.
Yuvi during Chemo therapy

He has lot more to do to Indian cricket. He has to go miles to before sleep, as human being and a youth, play many roles to his family his country and to himself as well. He should be there to entertain everybody with the kind batting extravaganza that he is famous for.

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