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Monday, October 18, 2010

Rajni and Robot - A Superhit Pair

What do you think, upto what extend a 61- year old man can do? No wonder there is no limit when it comes to the case of Rajnikanth, the ultimate super star. Yes, he can do anything and everything. He can shoot bullets with his finger, kill with a handbag, make mosquitoes apologise, clone himself a hundred times. I am talking about India's most expensive film which is also set to become India's most successful movie, Endhiran, the Robot!!! Reprots say that the film costed 200 crores has collected 300crores till now!

Expense: RS 200 crore,including Rs 45 crore to Rajinikanth, Rs 50 crore on promotion and Rs 6 crore to Aishwarya.
Total revenue: In first two weeks Rs 300 crore, including Rs 88 crore from Tamil theatrical, Rs 50 crore from overseas rights, Rs 23 crore from Hindi rights, Rs 27 crore from Telugu rights, Rs 25 crore from satellite rights, Rs 17 crore from home video, Rs 10 crore from audio rights Total number of prints 2,250 across 3,000 screens. With 3,000 screens multiplied by four shows a day, the number of people who watched the film nationwide on the opening day was 15 lakh.

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