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Friday, October 22, 2010

Students' town/city (Studentski grad) A City for Students!!

Do you know a particular place having the name ‘student’s city’? There is such a place in Bulgaria.
Students' town/city (or Studentski grad) is the student campus area for most universities in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It was created in the 1980s and now has over 40,000 residents. The real number of people living temporarily there can hardly be estimated.
It is one of the most diversified areas in Sofia, with old dwellings from the communist era which are inhabited by the students of different Sofia universities, and new nightclubs, trade, business and residential centres.
The area is famous for its busy nightlife. A variety of taverns and disco clubs make the campus one of the central night entertainment locations of Sofia, known clubs are Plazza and Jim Beam, here you can find western music. Studentski grad hosts a district police department that strives to tackle the fast growing alcohol-driven offenses, thefts, vandalism, football fans clashing, etc. The brutal murder of the student Stojan Baltov by drunken youths outside a disco club sparked debates on social environment and security issues, including the development of an integral vide surveillance system.
Unlike most campus areas in Western Europe, Studentski grad is a common living place for most of the students of Sofia's numerous universies rather than being in the vicinity of one particular university. This helps students from different higher education institutions exchange ideas, but on the other hand causes major transportation issues as the bulk of Sofia's university faculties are situated relatively far from the city centre and public transport is often unable to cope with Studentski grad's needs.

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