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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kashmera Shah posed topless!!!?

Everyone is doing something to reach the top.  But somebody, generally the female stars, sometimes get ready to become topeless to reach the top! What a situation, but surely eciting news for the fans! Here it is Kashmira Shah. She has attempted almost every trick to draw some attention to herself. Her latest feat is to go topless for an exclusive calendar.

She admitted during a media interview that she has indeed gone topless in one of the pictures for the calendar shoot that is called Kashessentual. The one-time item girl was fast to add that the public would be taken by shock when they see the pictures and the extent to which she has gone.
The producer of the calendar is Third Rock Entertainment. According to her, she has always believed in doing things out of the box and that with this particular calendar photo shoot, she has just pushed the envelope.

She is however quick to add that she was not being pompous or anything, but just that this is going to be a benchmark for anyone who thinks of doing a calendar now. She has also added that now every guy will have this calendar in his bathroom.

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