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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rollout Laptop!!!

Do you believe if I say, a laptop can be rolled into a cylindrical shape?! Now it is not at all a fiction, it is reality. Advances in flexible OLED technologies have led to the concept of the Rolltop, a laptop computer that can be rolled!
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The concept, developed by Orkin Design, a  German, consists of a flat panel display wrapped around a central cylindrical column. A power plug detaches from the top of the column, the power cord also acts as the carry strap, and the speakers and USB ports are stored inside the column. Once rolled out flat, the Rolltop can be used as a 17 inch tablet computer or can be tilted into a notebook shape, with the lower half of the screen becoming a virtual keyboard.
Now there are still some design constraints, but Orkin hopes to see the product be completed for practical use. Be calm and wait a little. Nothing is impossible!

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