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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mumbai, the Cricket Capital Hosts World Cup Cricket Final

Mumbai is the centre of the world today! By getting to host the Cricket World Cup final, India’s commercial capital and entertainment hub, Mumbai has at last found international recognition. Mumbai has the most successful record in the prestigious Ranji trophy, winning it 39 times as well. For long, it has been the main nursery for cricketers in the Indian team since the nation played its first Test match way back in 1932.
Vijay Merchant, Vijay Hazare through Vinoo Mankad, Sunil Gavaskar Sachin Tendulkar, Saheer Khan ...Mumbai has year after year produced international cricketing giants who have gathered attention and admiration of the game-lovers across the globe.
Wankhede can seat a maximum 33,000.  Leaders of the competing countries also will be there among the spctators. Let us watch an eventful match and make our minds ready to cheer the winners whoever it be! Let the game flourish, and of course fraternity too!

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